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I was looking to buy a very good valve pedal, but no luck, so I've got a friend of mine to build me this one. I called it BAT D-1. It is hand built using a new point-to-point system developed by a friend of mine and me. It delivers a high quality distortion sound of Marshall, Soldano, Mesa Boogie and beyond.

List of features:

- 100% valve distortion. Two double triode valves are used to achieve possibly the best guitar distortion sound
- Independent op-amp booster, works both with the distortion or when it’s bypassed
- Point-to-point
- Hand built
- High quality components
- True bypass
- Unique shape made from recycled aluminium

In the clip we used:
- Fender Blues Junior amplifier.
- Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop
- Gecko Silver Attack cables
- The video was filmed on iPhone 5
- The sound was recorded in a professional studio using Sure SM57 microphone, MTA analogue desk and a digital recorder No effects were used, no sound processing, no mastering.

I love the sound of it and would like to get more opinions and feedback, so, please help!