Are there any other people that agree with me that Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, the frontmen of classical music just did not create anything exciting. Most of their songs have the same tonality. People have told me to listen to classical music and try to appreciate it, but i just can't, it's dull. And almost always when i say something like this, people say how can't you like Mozart, man?
Does being a musician also mean you have to appreciate every genre?

I'm not saying all classical music is boring, but most of it is very repetitive.

Although i have learned alot of usable theory, while analyzing classical music, i still just don't like it.

I find this classical composer to be my favourite.

I find a lot of classical music, particularly that written for solo piano, is almost like elevator music, but for the waiting room at the doctor's office rather than an elevator.

Balakirev is neat though.
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Expect a lot of flaming for expressing this opinion!

But I agree. Much of Mozart, for me, is like listening to a rambling, meandering stream of consciousness.

However, there is a lot of great 'classical' music from Purcell to Debussy to the 20th Century atonalists.
I grew up listening to classical as my dad had (has) a huge collection on vinyl and often played his music on Saturday and Sunday mornings. One of the first bands that I latched onto was "The Moody Blues"..is there any wonder? Perhaps when you listen to classical, it would make it more interesting if you attempt to pick out a specific instrument or section. One of the first pieces I learned on my guitar was "Ode to Joy"
You don't have to like every music genre out there, you just have to be open minded about music. If you dislike classical music, that's perfectly fine, as long as you're not basing your opinion on nonsense like "it suxxxxx cos it suxxxxx xDxDxD".
Classical music is not repetitive at all, you just have to be more observing, it's not background music. These composers was dealing with music all through their life. Try to analyze them to understand it.
I listen to a lot of classical music (my favourites are Wagner and Ravel), but when I first hear a piece I can't appreciate it. I have to listen to it more and more to understand the structure, and find out where the climax is, etc. Trust me it'll worth the time, because these masterpieces of the great composers are the culmination of the art of music.