Hi everyone,

My name's Matt Wong, I'm an fingerstyle guitarist from New Jersey. I uploaded a cover of "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi to YouTube today, and I want to share the link with you all. I'm always trying to get better as a player and musician, so please feel free to critique and leave a comment for me on the video.

Nice playing. Reminded me of Igor Presnyakov.

Here's my critique: There was a strange 3/4 bar in the pre-chorus (at 0:44). I don't know if it was there on purpose (you did play it in all pre-choruses) but it sounded a bit strange. Same with the solo. The high note part has a 3/4 bar that also sounds strange. And then there's the part where there should be a 3/4 part and you played it as 4/4 (at the end of the last pre-chorus). Also, where's the modulation? (You can of course reason all of this by saying this was your own version of the song but to me it seemed like you hadn't paid that much attention to those parts. I would cover it the way it's on the record, unless I didn't like the way it sounded on the record. But I prefer the way it's on the record. So pay more attention to those parts. I would say only make changes if the original doesn't sound good or if you can make it sound clearly better with the changes.)

The solo could have had more comping behind it. Maybe play the solo in another position and play the highest notes an octave lower so that you can play chords at the same time.

But all in all sounded pretty good.
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As a musician I always get annoyed when I ask for a critique and I just get a lot of complements and no info about how to improve so with that in mind I listened closely and tried to find what I considered places that could use improvement. What you did was nearly perfect, IMO. If I was going to say anything negative it would be that there were some very small timing issues. You dropped a beat at 0:45 and again at 1:32 then you slowed down a little bit for about 3 seconds at around 1:53 then at 2:22 you dropped part of a beat before moving into the choppy chords. These are very small things and I only heard them because I was specifically trying to find things that you could do better. All and all you did an awesome job. I can't play that well.
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