Hi, I found this guitar on bazaar, but owner don't know information about.... I want try it, but I don't want go now 200 km away...

Any idea what is this guitar??

First thought was a Fret King Espirit, but it seems that they have 6 in line headstocks and not 3 a side.
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^ yeah the body shape is almost exactly like a fretking but the headstock is different.
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maybe custom ? besides the wings on the headstock and headstock design scream Dean , maybe someone took a neck off a dean and put it on a fret king
Looks like the headstock says something like "Pacer Imperial". But when I googled "Pacer Imperial" I only found 80s Kramer guitars.

And it's not a Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a bass.

It's more like a mix of reversed and non-reversed Firebird.

The logo does look a bit like Dean but it doesn't say Dean in it like Dean logo does. It also has a bit different kind of wings in it. Though I'm not saying it's not Dean. They may have used a bit different kind of logo for the guitar, I don't know. But I would guess it's not Dean.

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Pacer guitars is a Chinese knockoff brand. Their web site is gone and the only things that show up on the Chinese trading sites are some crazy inlaid guitars, so Pacer may be defunct.

My guess is that this is someone’s custom project made from a Chinese body/neck and premium replacement parts. That would explain the mismatched parts and the plugged holes from a different stopbar.

I’d stay away from this one because of the serial number sticker on the back of the headstock. Nobody slapping stickers on the back of the headstock is taking the time to make nice guitars.
Really looks like a Fret-King body, but the neck, etc. is clearly not- probably a project someone slapped together.
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