Hey all, haven't touched UG in a while but been pretty eager to find people to jam with in my area.

I'm a rhythm guitarist primarily interested in death, sludge, doom, thrash metal but a deep interest in blues and grunge. I'm down to meet up with any drummers, bassists, or other guitarists in the area with similar interests to try and find some tunes we can learn and jam on together.

Really just want the experience of working with other musicians and maybe we could piece something epic together ourselves and see where it goes. But trying to throw myself into working with other people and getting used to playing together.

I've had experience playing cello in orchestra for roughly 5 years, picked up guitar and haven't found many people to put a band together. Been playing guitar for about 7 years now.

Looking for people of similar age and interest. Check out my profile, leave me a comment or message, and we'll work something out!