Unscrew the metal plates, then wiggle the pre amps out.
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You just need to GENTLY rock the tubes side to side / back to front and pull them straight down - they're just stuck. Nothing to unscrew. I thought I was going to break the glass the first time I took my tubes out - they may have been original when I replaced them 6 months back. . . . Once you feel one give you'll be good.

The issue is the pins have corroded into the sockets. You'll need to get some good contact cleaner like DeOxit D5, spray the new tube pins, and work the new tube in and out of the socket until it goes in easily to clean up the corrosion and get a good seat on the new tubes. If you don't the new tubes won't get a good connection and life will suck.
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Quote by Carrot
Unscrew the metal plates, then wiggle the pre amps out.

I feel like this might be right...I can't seem to pull it out.