Hello. I've been playing about a year or two daily about 1-5 hours a day and i still can't play fast solos and things like that(there are a few fast solos i can play)and it's because my fretting hand isn't keeping up with my pick hand when i do play solos(to name one, carry on by a7x)all i do is a learn a song i don't actually practice much else unless it's a technique. So is there anything i can do to increase my fretting hand speed so i'm able to play faster? Thank you in advance if anyone replies
Grinding away countless hours correctly to a metronome is the most efficient way, but I've yet to meet a single person who actually enjoys doing that.
There is really no trick to playing fast. Playing fast is entirely a result of playing accurate, and accuracy is always increasing with time. I've always been a somewhat firm believer in not forcing speed because it will come naturally.
One of the thing that is really disheartening to beginners like yourself is in their first couple years they notice drastic improvements rather frequently. The longer you play, the less drastic these improvements seem to become. Whilst you are still going to be improving all the time, it's rather hard for beginners to pinpoint how or what they're improving on.

I know it's really not what you want to hear, but you should stop chasing speed, because it can become really discouraging and i can guarantee it will come with time. And no, time does not mean a month or two, it usually means over years. Whether it be one or two, or even ten or more.
You may be one of the rare few though who can actually be disciplined enough to practice correctly to a metronome for the quickest and most efficient results. Those people are only a few amongst the thousands though.
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Totally agree with @vayne92 - in order to play fast, you have to play slow first. The most important thing is to play with the metronome and never (i can't stress this enough) go up a tempo if you're not playing the current tempo perfectly.

There are some things that could help you a bit though: right hand move can be only from the wrist, not the fingers; use Jazz III pick; try to hit the strings with a pick from an angle, therefor the pick would slip more easily which will save you couple of seconds; concentrate; keep track of your tempo to reach your goal; practice, practice, practice, practice... there's no other way around it
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It's not about your fretting hand being "too slow", the problem is you're not good enough to keep your hands in sync at higher speeds. So to remedy that you need to slow down and work at a speed at which you're able to keep both hands working together in time. The better you get at that the faster you'll ne able to play.

Trying to speed up your fretting hand won't work, you can move your fingers fast with no problems, your issue is controlling them and making sure they do exactly what you want rather than just twitching your muscles and hoping for the best, same goes for your picking hand too.
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I would imagine this comes down to developing the old musician's skill of "patting your head while rubbing your tummy", or training your brain to exercise both hands to act somewhat independently. This would involve hyper-developing both one's internal timing and lateral control. And both only come with practice and time. No shortcuts, I'm afraid.
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As I experience it and I have been playing since 1987 or so it is more about playing accurately and clean + in time.

Play a with a bright clean sound and single coils then you will know that the above experience is true.

Speed is the by product of the time spend on any parts drilled down with a metronome of sorts. The best mechanics is still Speed Mechanics by Troy Stetina which do cover the best ex for the developing fast skills overall.
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If you want to play fast you really need to understand how to practice.. It would be way too much for me to explain so I'll just leave it at that lol.