The Turner:

Liking the reverse elements in the intro; fits well with the pads that come in. It's a great soundscape. I like the faint bell-like sounds in the background; I think if you included a percussive instrument towards the end (xylophone, glockenspiel, bells, et cetera), it'd make it a bit more interesting, and contribute to the way the soundscape grows throughout the track.

The Follower:

This was also a great soundscape; reminds me of some of Sigur Ros' weirder albums. I think this one gets boring a little more quickly though, as it doesn't seem to change as much as just grow the layers that are already there.

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I think The Turner could have benefited from the use of stronger panning techniques to create some movement, but otherwise it was a good track. The Follower did get a little boring, so in my opinion that could have used some percussion or other subtle sounds to make it a little more interesting. Antiquity was my favorite simply because it makes up for what the other two are lacking.

Great stuff man. This style of music is always great to listen to.