I need a new guitar so here we go:

Budget: 800-1000€ (new)

Favorite Artists: Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Volbeat, Trivium

Preferences: Superstrat, thin and fast neck but also good for chords, brands ESP, Jackson, 24 frets, no tremolo, no bolt on neck

Pickups: HH configuration, passives

New or Used: Used

Location: Italy, Austria

Current Gear: Jackson Dinky js23, Marshall JVM 410h, Fender Mustang I, Harley Benton 212 Vintage

Charvel Model 6, before they turned into garbage. Maybe Ebay, early/mid 80's if you can find one.
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almost impossible to find here used :-/

There are online retailers- like Amazon- who have Dragonflys, and even some small stores and private sellers offer them at sites like eBay and Reverb.

Here's a used one:
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Try to find a Used Jackson Soloist. Their current model SLXT fits the bill but has the not so highly regarded passive EMG-HZ but you could swap them out easily. They used to offer some models with Seymour Duncans stock. . .

Or if you really want to drop some cash the new Jackson USA SL2HT - that one is stock with SD JB/59.
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Schecter maybe? They have nice gear. I have a Blackjack with seymour duncan in HH config. I found this guitar pretty bada$$.