Hey everyone,
A few days ago I bought my first electric guitar (a Squier Classic Vibe 60's Strat) and with it ofcourse an amp. It's a Line 6 Spider IV 15. My problem is that when I turn it on and the effects are turned off there is an echo. When I turn on the effect on the right (Sweep Echo, Tape Echo and Reverb) and then turn it off again the echo is gone. It doesn't seem logic to me. Should it be doing this and if so, is it a setting I probably chose once and that was saved without me knowing it?

Thanks for you help.
Might be a preset. Most presets can be overridden, and of course most modeling amps have a way of returning everything to factory settings. Check your manual.
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I already resetted it to the factory settings a few times, but it keeps doing it. I think you might be right about it being a preset. It's not a big issue so I'll live with it. Thanks for your help.
If you hold the channel button for a few seconds (the light will blink), it will save those channel settings over the preset.
I would guess that's a factory preset. Yeah, do as Durpee said.
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