Like many of you, I have tried just about every type of pick out there: Jazz 3s, T3s, V-picks, tortex, black ice, triangle, the list goes on.... I play mostly heavy stuff, (avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, etc.) so I prefer a heavier pick that is conducive to fast playing. I continue to switch back and forth between different styles and gauges of picks; however, my search for the perfect pick, I hope , has come down to a decision between the 1.5mm Gator Grip and the 1.5mm Delrin pick.

Both picks have their advantages and disadvantages. I love the grip on the gator picks, but they produce a duller, more full tone. Conversly, the Delrin picks have a lesser grip (especially with prolonged use), but they produce a bright and unique tone that I have yet to find with any other pick.

What are your thoughts on these two picks, which do you prefer and why? I have searched for days and haven't found a thread comparing these two picks, so hopefully this isn't a repost.

Thanks in advance.
Why not just get a bag of both and use whatever you feel like that day? You're not buying a house here, if you like both picks then use both picks.

I like the gator grips because they stay in my hand better, but with something as subjective as picks I don't see how other people's opinions should matter to you at all.
I like the Dava picks myself. They have a rubberized grip on them that makes them impossible to get rid of and the pick itself is plastic so no weird tones.
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