I have a Vox AC15C1 that I think is great for clean and classic rock distorted sounds, but it doesn't do the high gain metal distorted sounds.

Is it possible to get good results with a distortion pedal in front of the AC15 or is just waisted money that I should spend on a blackstar ht5 metal or a orange dark terror instead?
you can use a pedal if you want, deff cheaper than a new amp
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I think it'd sound killer with a Rat or a tubescreamer type pedal. My amp is very low gain and i can get a pretty decent metal tone with a ts when using humbuckers. It can get really gainy and "chuggy" with a ts stacked with an sd1 and/or fuzz. But because of the chimey-ness, I think a Rat would be ideal.
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^ yeah a lot of people say rats sound good with voxes. if you already have the amp, as robbgnarly says, it's a lot cheaper and handier to try a pedal first.
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