Hello guys, still quite new to the forums (been using ultimate-guitar for YEARS, but only recently started reading the forums). So, I would like to start with saying I apologize if this is in the wrong section.

So about a week ago, I purchased an Ibanez egen8 with an edge III tremolo. I LOVE it, but I have owned many electric guitars and none of them have had a floating trem. The guitar played great... until I changed the strings. I put on some of my fav strings, elixir lights (nanoweb). I did everything by the book (or manual LOL) but, my trem has come up quite a bit (thus raising the action quite a bit as well.) I even just took off the pad locks and tried to play the guitar normally thinking the strings just need to stretch. Well I have been doing this for two days now so I believe the strings should not be going out of tune as far as they are (After I would get through tuning (e to E) the e and b string would go down about two full step every time, the g about 1-1.5 steps, and the a would be .5-1 step flat). I tried tightening the springs in the back, but it seemed to not do hardly any good. I ended up loosening the strings almost all the way and I tried to start from the beginning. I basically followed this video step by step :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwNVjNohOt4

I loved the guitar before but now the trem is up WAY too far. Please, help a rookie out? Is there a critical step i'm missing? Thanks in advance, guys!
The thing is, when you restring a floating trem, you either change a string at a time or you do it slowly or you block the damn bridge. Otherwise it's a PITA
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You're gonna have to adjust the springs. No use locking the stable door after a horse theft.
Jackson Dinky (JB+59) > TC Polytune Noir > TS808 clone > DOD 250 > Modded RAT > CH-1 > GE-7 > TC Flashback > Plexi Clone
Even if I tighten the springs as much as I can it still rises a pretty big amount. I'm just going to take it to a guitar shop and have them show me the ropes. Unfortunately, there is not one close so I'll have to take a road trip.
did you read the link I posted for you......that should answer all your questions.
Are you sure you tuned to the correct octave?

edit: nevermind, you said you have been playing a long time so I would rule that out. You need to match the string gauge that was on the guitar, if you use heavier/thinner strings you will need to adjust the springs the bridge is parallel to the body.
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