The world I had lived in has slipped from me
Dragged into what they call 'reality'
But theirs is just another form of insanity
I'll never adapt to what they call normality
At least where I was I felt free

Now I've lost my identity
Not sure whether to blame the family
Or is it the old stereotype 'It was society'
Devastated by the tormenting business of psychiatry
Is this now the way life's got to be

The truth is all I'm looking to see
Even for a moment, even just vaguely
But the seed of destruction is growing into a tree
It has broken my mind into pieces of debris
Creating conflicting thoughts that just won't agree

Sedated and drugged, turned into a walking zombie
Trying to fight this lifelessness, trying to break out totally
Though all this struggling is no use, the door won't open without the key
Maybe one day I'll find it and then realize fully
For now I frequent despair and write this bleak poetry

Feeling so false and empty

Sifting through the chaos, in search of liberation

...if only