Hey guys
I'm having trouble choosing between these two guitars. Out of all the acoustics in Guitar Center that i tried within the $200-$500 range, these are the two that i liked best.
The Seagull (Cedar top) was louder, and had a brighter, crisper, tone, while the Ibanez(Mahogany top) seemed quieter, with a warmer, darker sound, and a punchy mid-range.

I'm looking for something that i can play jazz, and fingerpicking with. I'd like something i can play nick drake tunes, and just noodle around with especially. The seagull has a wider neck to support finger-style, but i have small hands, making it it harder for my left hand to play chords on the larger neck. The Ibanez has a much more comfortable neck and body over all. Would the Ibanez still support finger style well? Would i adjust to the seagull's larger neck over time?

Which guitar would sound better mic'd?

I think i might favor the Ibanez a little more. It looks and feels better, and seems like the guitar i could chill comfortably around the house with, but i don't think it could hold up in a live setting/jam session. I think it might shy away a bit because of its lower volume, considering it has a grand concert body. The Seagull seemed like the most natural , balanced sounding guitar within its price range. It's also incredibly bold. Even more so than the lower end Martins in my opinion. I'd even say it's almost just as good as a $1000 Martin. It might be the better guitar for gigging, or for playing with other people.

I hear the shape of the Seagulls headstock keeps it in tune well. At the same time, the Ibanez has grover tuners.

Here's some links: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/seagull-the-original-s6-acoustic-guitar


I'd love to hear your opinions! Thanks
due to the seagull's wider nut, it's excellent for finger picking - really awesome - but if you want a more slender neck, you can get the S6 slim, which is the same guitar with a narrower neck. btw, i'm 5' 3" with small hands, and believe me, if you take the time to get used to having more space to finger pick with, you will never go back. there are little kids who play classical guitars with much wider nuts.

i can't imagine getting the ibanez instead, as it doesn't sound as good, and to me, that's the bottom line. if looks are more important to you, go with the ibanez; if tone is more important, go with the seagull - the original S6 or the S6 slim.
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I think I'd take the Seagull. The S6 has become one of the kings for acoustics under 500 and for good reason.

I own a Seagull Performer and the neck feels incredibly natural to me, it doesn't take too long to get used to.
I think I'm gonna go with the seagull. Thanks for helping me find my first quality acoustic! I've been playing a $30 Rouge for about 7 years now and though I still love it, I think its time to get a guitar that can get better with age.

One more question: What do you guys think of the folk model of the S6? Is it just
as good as the original?