So yeah I had a chance to watch pixies yesterday night. Front line. Huge new concert hall with 4000 standing up 4000 seated capacity. Amazing acoustics amazing sound. Most importantly amazing performance..

I had an alergic breakdown yesterday morning and friends told me not to go but **** them Im not gonna miss one of the best bands ever. Concert starts, front group was a Turkish blues band Ringo jets. They sing english and they were also amazing.

Pixies was just dope. Black was at the top of his game. Screaming running around strumming the guitar all the time making it cry. Joey impressed me alot. His tone was great. His the big red gibson was magnificent.

I need to write a whole new paragraph for new bassist Paz Lenchantin. I know people adored Kim Deal but Paz is amazing. She is born to play the bass it. Just looks and sounds soooo good with it. Im still sad because I couldnt get her rose headstock clipper. She was in great coordination with drums and she did sing greate. Debaseeeer deeebaseeer.
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