I found..what I think is a Prototype "Tele" sytle guitar from a famous guitar maker.
It has a Bound Body/Dual Humbuckers and Locking Tremolo Bridge. Their is No Name Nor
Serial Numbers on the guitar..but it is Signed by the Famous Guitar Maker. It was bought at a Estate Sale in Waukesha,Wisc.
The guitar is out for evaluation..so no photos at this time. Several people have made me offers on this guitar..but I'm going to wait untill I hear from the experts on it!
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Agreed. Galveston is a "famous guitar maker", but you couldn't hand me one of their prototypes for free.
How about some more information?
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Unless it’s a Fender then it’s probably not worth shit. Plenty of guitar makers have given away or sold prototypes over the years, and they’re rarely regarded as anything special.
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