Hey all. I am looking to buy a few guitars and want best bang for the buck. Had surgery a few months ago and sold several to pay for it and now rebuilding. I currently only have a Washburn D10. I mainly strum with my fingers but occasionally a pick. dont fingerstyle too much yet. I love Ed Sheeran type music and sound with lots of acoustic and its only ever me, not trying to cut through a mix. With all that said, do yall have recommendations? Want to spend under $1K. I tried a seagull s6 original but to me it did not strum well (was bought from amazon so may have been a dud or for strumming maybe the slim would be better?). Now looking at Eastman, Blueridge, Recording King, Loar to name a few. Thinking the OM/000 bodies may work better for me and be the sound i'm after as do want it to be comfortable to play. What do yall recommend? Do you recommend any of those names and if so, which models in particular? I know the BR163 gets alot of love as does the E10OM. I'm all ears. I will be buying some GS mini's to replenish but honestly they are fun but have never rung out to me to sound like a full guitar. Have not really been a Taylor fan for some reason or Martin for all that matter, guess I like being different and love best bang for the buck.

For gigging in the mancave, I use a TC Helicon FX150 and have a new TC Helicon Play Acoustic.
the all solid eastman guitars are very nice, but i wasn't particularly impressed with the lam b&s models, which aren't actually made by eastman. recording king all solid 000s sound really good, i've been impressed by them more than blueridge in that size, and i'm actually a blueridge owner. my husband has a recording king ROS-626, which may have been discontinued, but it sounds sweet!

if you like adi tops, the RK RO-310 would be the one to check out! sounds great, good size, all solid, and a really great price where they still have it in stock. if you're not an adi fan (god knows that i am!), there's the RO-10, which is one of the best values out there. and if you want a 12 fret model, the ROS-10 is the all solid model.

a really great eastman in your price range is this one
or this one if you prefer mahogany
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