My friend and I have gotten really into recording through Logic Pro on his Macbook, however I don't have a Macbook and still rely on a shitty garageband program on an iPad where the quality pales in comparison to logic. What would be the best recording software for windows? I record stoner rock/metal/and electronic music.
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An easy to pirate software would be great (though frowned upon) :P

Yeah we don't promote piracy on this board, is against the subforum rules.

Either you pay or we don't help ya bud.
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Yeah we don't promote piracy on this board, is against the subforum rules.

Either you pay or we don't help ya bud.

er.... *see edit*

Idk what your talking about
^ whatever you like most.

Try all of them (download their free trials) and decide for yourself.
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I'm still using a $20 copy of Acid Music Studio I bought years ago. It's not the most high end thing in the world but it works great for basic recording. Also, look into Audacity. It's nothing fancy, but it is completely free.
Reaper is $60 for two full versions of the program (ie going from 4.0 to 5.99). Just pick that up.
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A second vote for Reaper. Free to download the full version, then pay when you can (to avoid the annoying pop-up). It has all the advanced routing abilities of much-more expensive DAWs, MIDI and audio editing, a large selection of free VST plug-ins, a comprehensive manual (400+ pages) and a user forum to help new users get up to speed.
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