After doing some extensive research I thought the Blackstar ht5 was the way to goal is extreme gain. I remember playing a friends full stack years ago and it sounded perfect, it was a jcm 900...., I did try a dsl 40c but it sounded thin. Then I tried the ht5 today and it came close to the sound I was looking for, then I added a tube screamer but it didnt take me over the edge distortion, it did increase the gain a tad but it seemed to add more noise than anything. I could tell the quality was high but the gain didnt quite get me where I needed to be. This is for bedroom use only so, not sure where to go from here to get the sound I'm looking for. I thought about the yamaha thr line but those things have small
That blackstar has a bunch of solid state BS going on, could be one reason the boost didn't do as much as you wanted. Jet City is where you wanna look IMO.
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I could tell the quality was high
Not even
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but the gain didnt quite get me where I needed to be.
I second the opamps trickery idea as the fault of the average sound.

I also second your worries about the small speakers in the THR - they do sound small.

Also you don't need that much gain.
Nobody needs that much gain unless they play black metal.

What's your budget, what gear do you already have, are you willing to buy used stuff, where do you live and who do you wanna sound like?
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were you using the ts with gain low, level high?
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Bedroom? Pod/Zoom/Tonelab
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