Schecter typically makes a decent entry level guitar. I would suggest looking used as you can get a nicer model for the same price general price, ie neck thru made in Korea instead of Indo, etc. BTW the link you posted the guitar does not come with actives.
I too would reccommend going used - Schecter guitars usually go for peanuts second-hand because the brand isn't as famous as Gibson, Fender etc. You'd be getting a lot more guitar for your 350$.

If possible, though, try before you buy. There's always a risk that a cheap used guitar ends up being really bad.
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Try it. Don't swap the pickups before you have tried it because it may be that you like the stock pickups. Also try some similar guitars like Ibanez RG.
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I found a guitar I totally love the look of and being that I'm somewhat of a novice I waas hoping you guys could t3ll me if if its a good solid guitar, being that so many guitars have active pickups, which I hate I'm going to swap out the pickups for Seymore Duncans Invaders....so what do you think?


If you're somewhat of a novice, you may find that your love affair with Invaders is short-lived. I have a Moonstone Flying V that came with them. They were replaced with some Tom Andersons long ago and I've never looked back. They're still sitting in the accessories pocket in the case of that guitar.

Don't dismiss actives out of hand (unless you just don't like the idea of a battery). There's a lot more out there than EMGs and some do a lot more than metal. I have Alembics and Bartolinis and Carvins and a fairly interesting bunch of various kinds of active preamps tacked onto passives that would definitely change your mind...