Check out Meghan cover of Skinny Love. IMO it's the best cover of this song so far.

This cover inspired me to learn how to play the guitar. I've been practising daily for a couple of months now with the goal of eventually being skilled enough to play this song. The problem is.. I can't find the tab anywhere.
Her youtube video has many people requesting the tab with no reply. Her only listed email address is for business proposal only. I get the sense she doesn't want to be bombarded with requests.

Anyway, even if my request doesn't get filled, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did.
I just listened to it. its a good cover. the tuning is: 1st fret capo. the chord shapes are in open position and in order as folows:

Intro and Verses
Dm, F, Dm, F, Dm, F, C, Dm

Dm, C, A#

ill tab it out and submit it this weekend with picking patterns.
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Wow, a million thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time to tab it out. Quite a few people are looking for this tab on her youtube video, I'll be sure to include a link to your work.
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