I just bought a 2006 Epiphone Les Paul Standard and it has fret buzz on the A string and D string, on the first fret. Also this guitar does not seem to want to stay in tune. I think it has new strings, and whoever put them on did a lousy job. It looks like a toddler restrung the guitar. Might that be the root of the tuning issue? I’m pretty handy so hopefully these are things I can fix on my own, but if not there is a guitar shop in town. This guitar needs some TLC. Any ideas or suggestions?
The guitar needs to be restrung and have a proper setup done, ie possible truss rod and bridge adjustments. You can defiantly look up how to restring and how to setup a Epi Lp on youtube. If you are semi mechanically inclined then by all means this would be my advise. If you suck with you hands then don't even bother and take it to a pro for set up.

I think everyone should do their own setups if possible, but I know great players who couldn't take off a pickgaurd so....
Yes, I am mechanically inclined. I like to do things myself whenever possible.

It sounds like I'm going to need some new strings. Any recommendations for a beginner that plays mostly rock?
I use Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings, those are pretty good. I personally prefer them to GHS Boomers. D'Addarios are good too, though I haven't personally tried those yet.
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Thanks guys for the advice. That website looks very helpful. Doing a Google search I found a lot of good info about doing my own setup. I also read a few good articles here on UG and Google about choosing strings, so I shouldn’t have any trouble choosing some.

I’m sure there is a ton on YouTube that will be of help as well. Thanks to that website I have fixed my washing machine, fixed my garage door, properly restrung a ukulele, installed a sliding glass patio door, learned to play songs on guitar, etc. Us do-it-yourselfers can’t live without YouTube. Whether or not my setup works, it will be a good learning experience.

Another thing – the bridge pickup is set as low as it can go. Is that normal? If the previous owner set it like that, what is the purpose?