Hey everybody,

When my one spot is plugged into any of my pedals, it makes a screaming noise. It used to only happen with one pedal, so i figured it was the pedal. Now it is happening with all my pedals. It doesn't matter the location, outlets, or anything. I've tried all that. Here is a video of what I am experiencing:


What should I do? Am I doing something stupid? Pedals work fine on batteries, but I do not want to rely on that all the time.
If you cooked it by trying to run too many pedals or it got otherwise damaged it may need replacement. Mine is always dead quiet.

The other possibility is a ground loop. Make sure your amp and power supply are plugged into the same outlet or power strip.
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You got very nice amp/cab, gibson guitar but power your pedals with one spot!

Anyway yea
The other possibility is a ground loop. Make sure your amp and power supply are plugged into the same outlet or power strip.
I use a onespot
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Me too.
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I don't have anything against one-spot I thought it was silly that you got a 40$ piece of equipment with all this nice stuff.
It's worked fine till now, no use spending money you don't have to lol.
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To maybe find out whats causing your problem...
Unplug all pedals from power and your signal chain.
Then add one back in at a time until you get noise.
When you find one that causes noise, remove that one and continue with the rest of your pedals.

Some pedals don't like their power daisy chained.
The 1 Spot can supply 1700mA of current, so the chance of having more pedals than it can handle is small IMO.

I just watched the video...
You tried it with only the NS2 in the chain?
Does it do that when you try each and every pedal on its own?
If so, then your 1 spot is probably fucked up.

You could also try different outlets.
Also be worth a shot to try it somewhere other than your house.
Maybe you have dirty power at your house?
Maybe try a friends house where they have some kind of power conditioner.

I know I wouldn't even think about even plugging my gear in ANYWHERE without a decent power conditioner.


I've got both of these and they keep my power clean:
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