Hello, I have a Saga ST 10 ; one of those crappy kit guitars. I recently Purchased an LTD MH100QMNT, meaning no tremlo. After I purchased it, I realized I wish it had a Floyd. I don't wish to put a Floyd on this guitar, as it has an absolutely stunning carved maple top (reindeer blue finish, like this) and I don't wish to ruin it. That's where the Saga comes in. I'm willing to cut it up and whatnot. I want to replace the neck with a 24 fret. Don't tell me it cant be done- the fretboard just needs to overhang the body a bit-like this. I checked out Warmouth's custom necks, but they're pretty expensive. What options would keep the price below $150? I want a maple neck with a rosewood or ebony fret board(or something that could pass for one). I don't mind having a different style headstock, provided it has all the tuners on one side. I like the jackson style. I need a thin neck, as I have pretty small hands. I prefer "wizard", thin C, and 60's D style necks. Next up, I plan on replacing the pickguard to accommodate for dual humbuckers. I'm not sure if I'm going to put a single coil in the middle, or leave it blank. I discovered Warmouth's custom strat pickguard, and was able to create both those options in the color I want (3 ply, Black, White, Black) for $25, so I feel that shouldn't be a problem. Finally, of course, I want to replace the stock fender knockoff bridge and replace it with a Floyd Rose Special (possibly, to save a bit of money for the time being) or go straight for the original. How much will it cost to have the guitar re-routed to accommodate for the Floyd? I would like to keep this build (not including pups) under $500, preferably, however, I'd prefer to get it under $350. What parts should I get to make this happen?
first off, I'd honestly save up and go with a warmoth neck, you get what you pay for. Also, after reading all that you aim to do, I really am starting to think you're best off just saving a bunch of money and either buying a new guitar or building your own, either way your price difference doesn't seem too big. That and I'm pretty sure you're working with an impossible budget if you aim to re route the guitar, add a bridge, and a new neck for under 500 dollars.