Hi I'm Adam from Georgia. A few months ago i started a guitar instructional company called Dark Night Music. I was bored one day and decided to put some of my college brain to use lol. I started working on custom projects for my own gear. I'll post them new ones as I complete them but here's my gear list before we get to the pictures:

Jackson JS32 Rhoads w/ Killswitch and Custom Yellow L.E.D. Pickup housing
SGR C7 w/ Killswitch and Custom Purple L.E.D. pickup housing

Behringer Virtube100FX
Crate 4x12 cabinet
Nady Wireless instrument system

Line 6 Uber Metal
Korg AX10G Modeling processor
Modtone Atomic Phaser

Cables are all Fender or RadioShack brand.

All of the pics I have seem to be to big to upload on here but please feel free to check out my facebook page Dark Night Music.....no K lol.
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Post the pictures here by placing the picture URL inside tags.

They can be hosted anywhere; ImageShack, Blogspot, Tinypic, Instagram, Tumblr... Even Facebook works. You just have to use those tags, and it'll embed the pictures on your post.

Without pics and a more elaborate post, this thread is worthless.
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