i. Agamemnon's Flesh

It shifts the way a shadow does in a dark forest,
cumbersome and slow.
It gleams the way granite does on a summer's day,
twinkling aglow.
They say it can crawl on its hind legs alone,
frightening and cruel.
They say the devil sometimes rides on its back,
behind the Sabbath school.

Someday soon
a hunter will
draw his bow and arrow.
When he does,
the hunter will
drag the beast through the harrow.

...and he will swallow the earth
and the cold death of the sun...

Your darkness shines no light on my soul.

ii. Michaelmas

The hunter lies broken. His cold dead eyes staring at a sweating sun. They say he fought with honour. Where does honour get you after you die? Maybe that place some of us go. Maybe nowhere. Nowhere. Your darkness shines no light on my soul, it echoed. It crawled and it mauled and it won its honour. There is no honour after you die. You can only live with it. It lives with honour, now. Sometimes though, late at night, when all is dark and quiet, you may hear that swoosh of an old arrow over your head. The war in heaven never really died. There is still honour there.

iii. Et tu...

Today it swallows the world.
It will blanket us in pain, so it says.
We don't really believe it though,
we've always felt it covering us
from day one when we were children.
That irksome feeling we had
when we realised our minds
are not linked with everyone else’s.
That we were free to lie
and you and I were free to lie together.
Something was there,
slightly worse than cradling us.
It smothered us with misapprehension
and the tension we put on it
just wasn't enough to tear it.
So we lie on the ground,
spread-eagled above our graves.
All these misgivings.
Jamais vu, Capgras?
It is here.
the third part of this is great, the images are so unexpected and grave. i didnt care for the first two as much - the rhymes in the first felt forced (to me anyway; i usually dislike rhyming, though, it's just personal preference), though i liked the last line and it's repetition in the following installment. in the second part, i think some of what you're saying could be put less explicitly, instead maybe expressed more with images? i think it might fit the mood of the overall piece better. plus you have a knack for images that is always interesting and intriguing.

good piece. i really liked the last part. thanks.