I decided to wake up my youtube channel and add new video. I'd like to hear what you think about this song and also how the mix sound to your ears. Used gear you can see at my video tags. Remember to watch in HD. Thanks!

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lol, is it cheating to bring your bottom three strings against your pickup so you don't bang against them?

I like the poppy bass part at around 1.10, it interacts very well with the muted guitar part in the back

It's heavy but its not too heavy or brutal so that it gives it a "try too hard feel"

My favorite part is the bass sound though, for future songs I'd try to fit it into parts where it's present but not the main instrument, such as in this one. It's good the way it is, but I'd also like to hear it when other stuff is going on.

I like the jazzy guitar parts too. They're a bit dissonant but not too much.

My only constructive advice would be to try to add a singer at some point. However, DON'T get a metal singer. Do you know the band Reign of Kindo? I think the singers style of singing would be perfect for your stuff.


I'd also love to hear your comments on our new videoclip:
DUDE YES!!!!!! SO SICK!!!!! Ive never seen anyone do that with the lower guitar strings be4, thats pretty cool. I think what i like most about this is the clean tones and the clean sections, and that intro lead. So well phrased. Just incredible, next level virtuoso stuff. how did you get a slapping popping sound with just a pick? Is there also a bass under that? And if so, did you play it or program it? EIther way, sick stuff man!!!! Loved it!