I have a trade offer pending on craigslist, but I can't find much info online about this series, anywhere. I know there are two Performer lines (this is a Rhoads) though I'm not sure which, guy can't get pics and I'm waiting to meet him to check it out and play test it. Just wondering what people know about them and I'd especially like to know whether or not it's just a crappy deal. He says it only has a ding on one of the pointy ends, which won't bother me if it's minor. However, it's been modified quite a bit.

* Scalloped fretboard 12-24
* EMG 81/85 installed
* Tremol-no installed

The last part is all that has me concerned, I assume the floyd is probably worthless if he installed that, though as long as it has a tremol-no, it should be good. If I ever decide to learn to use a whammy, I could just buy a Floyd Rose Special for cheap.

Anyway, it comes with a case, but he's offering it towards my BC Rich Heritage Classic Mockingbird bass which sells for $789 new. I've been trying to trade it for awhile because I need a good guitar and BC Rich instruments just aren't very easy to get rid of it would seem and at this point, I'm willing to take a bit of a loss as long as I can have a nice guitar that I can use for a long time and possibly even modify in the future. I definitely plan to sticker it up. But, would it be better to just remain patient? I've had various deals, but people on craigslist are so sketchy, ranging from good to weird. Haven't had any good offers in awhile, Dean Spire with Whammy IV, PRS SE Standard with Seymour Duncans (kinda was interested in this, would love to have a guitar like that, but that damn wrap-around bridge, ugh) so it looks like I don't have many options.

I'm not sure as to the price of Performers or what they're worth, but the EMGs and tremol-no add a good bit of value, heck, at least $150 to trade value, I would guess. I'd honestly be happy if I knew it would sell for $350-400 if I needed to (since $350 was what I was asking, anyway)
The tremol-no is fully removable if you want to use the trem again, no need to get a different one, unless that trem is damaged or worn out. The performer series was very hit or miss, with many being made in Korea. They were known as the entry level of the time. This is a trade that you should probably only make if you LOVE the guitar(v) and want to keep it. Even though the BC Richs can be a tough sell, according to closed sales on ebay your in the right value range for yours. Jackson Performers rarely sell for that much. The EMGS and tremolno add value but are worth more outside of the guitar than in it.

Oh and the scalloped board.....well that could ruin the guitar if it was a poor job. Even if it is a great job your limiting your resale market to only those that like scalloped boards, so that probably devalues the guitar overall. JMO of course YMMV.
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Well, he says it was all professionally done, so I'll see when he meets me. I've always wanted to try a scalloped fretboard, so I suppose it should be worth it to me as long as everything's in good shape. If I just replace the floyd and maybe even the tuners, ****, I might just have a guitar I can just keep for myself for once instead of constantly trying to trade.
Thats all good I wish you luck with it. Unless you are going to upgrade it to like a real OFR floyd or a gotoh, there wouldn't be much point in changing out the one that is there for another cheapo. Also with a double locking trem system tuners are basically irrelevant, as long as they turn the strings they should be fine.