Following a Blues Book, trying to create the examples within guitar pro so i can play slow and speed up in time. This is a triplet exercise in Blues Scale A

The picture has 4:4 signature, the first measure consist of a rest and a then the A on the 5 fret. It's supposed to be played on the "and" of beat 4.

Then the next measure consists of 12 notes, grouped in 3.

This makes no sense to me. 12 notes per measure, what type of note is that? Does have any experience with guitar pro and creating triplets.

Feel like im missing something...

Any help is greatly appreciated -
Actually i understand the 4 beats per measure,
12 notes at 3 notes per beat per note = 4 grouping of 3 notes

So i get why there are 12 notes in the measure.

But i still can't figure out how to translate this in guitar pro.....

How to i represent 3 notes= 1 beat in Guitar Pro I think this is my question
Try doing a 12:8 time Sig
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They are triplets. Just select the notes and push this button "¬3¬" something like that, the button is at the left of the silence.