I used to play guitar a lot when i was younger and want to get back into it again.

I used to have a peavy 6505 combo but unfortunately the store i purchased it from sold me a dodgy amp. Basically the fuse blew when i got it on the first day, then a few months later on the tubes died. I had to repair both problems as the retailer did not want to help me.

The problem with the peavy was that it was too large and heavy. When i had it i lived in the country so i couldn't put it in the boot or back of my car and jam with friends. When i had to repair it i had to pay for a truck to take it to the city, it was expensive.
Also the amp was too loud for me. A lot of the time i just want to play at home but even on the quieter setting it was too loud and if i made it too quite it sounded pretty lame.

Currently i live in a small place so i dont want a amp to loud, but at the same time i want something that sounds good and i could possibly one day play with friends.

So basically i want a guitar amp that is small enough so i can be able to transport around easy in my car (i have a toyota corolla) but still be good enough to jam with.

The music i play is 80's thrash and death metal, but i want to play maybe a bit of rock and roll and possibly blues as well.

I had a look at a music store today and looked at the Line 6 Spider 4 15W and the Roland cube 40GX. Both were quite small and very cheap. But i dont mind getting a slightly bigger and more expensive amp as well. My brief research has suggested Marshall amps would be good for me.

The highest i will spend on a amp is $1500 australian
Never get a Line 6 Spider. The Roland Cube is a good amp, but it's also regarded a practice amp by most. Do you want a tube amp or not? Your options depend on that question a lot.

It's got the power amp from the baby 6505 (ie 60W). An analog modeling preamp and digital effects. Well within your pricerange and will cover everything you need pretty much. You may want a distortion pedal for the death metal stuff but it does a pretty good 6505'ish sorta thing all by itself.
They sound pretty good turned down low - but of course, with the 60W 6505 power amp, they can cut it on a stage too. And it's a 1x12 so it will fit in your car easily.
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Well; I don't know what the price differences are between Australia and the U.S.A., but the Blackstar HT-Metal-60C 2x12" combo sells here for about US$1,150.00 (that's $1,221.00 Australian Dollars). It should definitely handle what you want to play.
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With help from this here forum I bought a used Peavey ValveKing 100W head and I am very happy with the purchase. Got a 1x12 cab, both came about the price of a used 6505, possibly cheaper (slightly over $300 USD). Definitely has some serious gain
You should have no problem fitting the head and a small cab in the "boot" of your car...well, maybe not in a Corolla, you may have to put the cab in the back seat.

Any reason you don't want to go with half-stack? I personally don't think I will ever buy another combo again
The Doctor raises a good point. Combos rattle like hell and damage the tubes - I'd go stack no matter the size.
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The Roland Cube is one of the best low cost practice amps with some gig capability. A Mesa 1x12 is a Pro quality tube amp that is very compact, sounds great, and is loud as hell.
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Ive got a roland cube 40xl.the tones are pretty good its loud enough when it has to be plus it has the power squeeze ability to makes it ideal for playing but not disturbing others.it also has a modelling feature thats models on a tube amp.it also has built it effects which sounf great.
I'll be honest - the fuse blowing and the tubes dying aren't something that are a huge concern most of the time with tube amps - it happens. I do understand the heavy thing though. Seconding Cathbard on the Vypyr 60. Solid little amps (and they can do death metal alone quite easily).
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Thanks for the responses guys.

I dont mind if the amp has tubes or not.

At the store i went to i was also looking at the Marshall DSL40C. It has the same price as the Peavy Vyper amp

The guy at the store seemed to give a pretty negative opinion on the vyper but i am not sure if it was just a sales tactic or his honest opinion.

Is the Vyper smaller in size then the marshall DSL40C?

What other marshall amps would you guys suggest if i do decide to go for a marshall?