Hi guys!

I recently played 'Don't Think Twice' by Bob Dylan, and I found out that I like the combination of playing a little more advanced fingerstyle-piece and singing with it.

Can you guys recommend me some similar songs or songs you'd think I enjoy playing?

Thanks in advance,

the style of fingerstyle in that song seems to be in the form of travis picking, so if you're into that you can try out Kansas' Dust in the wind or Beatles' Julia ( and maybe Blackbird).

for fingerstyle in general, try Chet atkin's Mr. sandman, or almost any Sungha Jung-arranged song. Though these are just the first ones that go through my head.

fingerstyle is difficult but really fun, so goodluck with that
A song called freight train, covered by chet Atkins (among others) I forget the ladies name who wrote it...

Clapton's acoustic version of key to the highway is nice and simple, good practice for the thumb

What about blue moon buy Tommy Emmanuel some difficult parts but worth persevering with...
Thanks all for taking the time to give some suggestions! They sound promising and fun so I will try and play some of them soon!

(I have actually already played some Sungha Jung and Tommy Emmanuel songs, but I did not want to make the post to long, and I didn't want to add my Youtube account because that would make it look like I was just looking for some more views )
I know I am a bit late to the party, but for Travis Picking, gibson has some good stuff by Arlen Roth on their website. In particular, hes pretty decent at doing alternating bass line picking and travis picking. It might be worth a look.

Mystery Train Tab

Mystery Train - Arlen Roth

Edit: Another good song is Jam man by Chet Atkins if your looking for travis picking. (Its the esurance or progressive commercial song if you're in the US)
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If you liked Dylan, then virtually the whole catalogue of folk-revival tunes can be played in much the same manner.
As well, when you get just a bit more confident to step outside that "pattern" occasionally, then the whole world of traditional blues playing opens up.
Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega. There's no vocals unfortunately, but you'll have a hell of a time figuring it out.
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