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I have a Tokai EX55, and it has given me endless trouble relating to the neck-side strap peg.

The peg is positioned in such a way that if the neck is tilted up too high (which isnt very high at all) then the strap just slips off. Because the peg is right in the middle of an inwards curve, I can't use a strap lock because it pushes against the body and pulls the screw out. Currently I'm using a washer, but it tends to have too much friction against the peg and very gradually unscrews it as the guitar moves. I've tried a few locking mechanisms and these have also gradually unscrewed the peg, due to the angle.

I'm also unwilling to drill one in the back; I have another guitar with the peg in that spot and the neck dive drives me crazy.

What I've been looking for is some kind of extra wide strap peg, where the strap has to be srewed in with the peg. Does anyone know if these exist? Or alternately, does anyone else have an explorer and know a fix for what I'm talking about?

I would just get strap locks. You are basically describing them anyway. People like Schaller locks alot. Personally I Have Dimarzio Strap locks on every guitar.
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Most Explorers have that problem of the neck diving. All the ones i've owned before did that and it was sort of a pain in the ass having to kind of "hold it up" at the same time as playing but that's that.

I don't play em anymore, not for that reason, but I remember that specificly (omg I can't spell that word.... literally!) about them.

Do this to it, it's def a better option than it falling and cracking the neck! I've always used the Schaller locks as well and they've never failed other than when the strap was too thick and the washer kept coming unscrewed.
Thanks for your replies.

The grippers look promising, I hadn't seen anything like that before- but they look like they might wreck the strap a bit if it moves too much, unless they rotate.

The other locks look quite similar to ones I've tried before that ended up with the strap coming off at a strange angle. I'll have a better look.
If anyone's interested, I fixed the problem. The peg had a felt washer underneath it, which was allowing the peg to spin against the guitar. I simply replaced it with a rubber washer and kept the metal one on the top, above the strap. Problem completely eliminated, peg no longer unscrews itself.

Thank you for all your responses though, everything was researched and considered.
You could also have solved it by fitting the screw properly. Fill the hole (matches and PVA glue works) and use longer screws. If you do it properly it will never come out. You should still use something good like Schaller straplocks and install them properly like I described.
What you've described is a stripped thread in the wood of the guitar. Removing the washer allowed a small amount of new thread to be cut (effectively like using a longer screw.) You are now relying on this tiny amount of new thread to do ALL the work. It won't last. Fix it properly before it ends in tears.
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The washer wasn't removed, it was replaced with a rubber one. I had also done the toothpick thing before doing it anyway.
He means that you stripped the thread when you unscrewed and then put the screw back in, when you replaced the washer. Once you take a screw out from wood, is a bitch to put it back in without sealing the hole somehow.
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+1 on schaller straplocks.
I've used mine for 1 year, never failed on me.

schaller is the way to go, i probably have them on a dozen guitars for qiuite a few years, never had a problem.
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