Hey guys, I was looking for some pick up advice. I really don't know much about different sets or even brands, so any advice here would be well received. Right now, I'm using my 2013 gibson les paul std, and the pickups in it are stock (burstbuckers i believe), and I'm just always straining my ears to get chord clarity out of them. They sound good, but I'm looking for something with a lot of the same velvety type tone, but when you strum a chord you can clearly hear each and every note, especially in the lower ranges (where this pickup is struggling). Any recommendations?
Seymour duncan 59 set is a step in the right direction. I would say get my silverback pickups but right now you can't get my silverback pickps. Basically you want an alnico 5 PAF with PE wire and imperial measurements. If you can get it made with american 1022 steel or British EN2B rather than the lower carbon chinese steel that is even better but ALL of the major players use Chinese steel so if you want 1022 or EN2B you have to go boutique.
Not taking any online orders.