i'm buying a JS32T and they come with active pickups

changing them isn't currently an option so ... how long ( in hours ) will they last ?

Thank you
Battery life on active pickup batteries is usually given in thousands of hours; I think EMG claim something like 3000... basically ages. I think most people probably don't change their pickup batteries more than once or twice a year, I guess you could push it to two or three if you really play a lot.
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The pickups only pull a tiny amount of current from the battery, so the battery lasts forever.
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Remember to unplug the guitar cable when you are done, or the battery will go dead very quick. This is the same for FX pedals also. The cable inserted into the jack is the "on" switch
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i haven't changed my battery in 2-3 years...i play maybe 1-2 hours a day on average.
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Also, always use a good alkaline battery so it won't leak corrosive junk all over the inside of your guitar when it gets old.