looking to getting my first bass amp. im looking at either Acoustic B15, which is 15 watts with a 10" speaker at 100 bucks or Ampeg ba 108 at 25 watts and 8" speaker at 100 bucks or ampeg ba at 110 at 35 watts with 10" speaker at 180 bucks.

im gonna be using the amp as a bedroom amp and recording. which amps would have a better tone?

would the 8" speaker be too small on the ba 108?

also the acoustic has built in overdrive while the ampeg does not, could i get a better distortion tone with a fuzz pedal like big muff into the ampeg vs the acoustic with it's own overdrive for metal and alternative rock tones?
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My two cents. As much as I love Ampegs higher end gear their lower cost offerings are underwhelming. In the 100 range your better bet is the Acoustic amp It's better quality for your money. Also Ampegs have a distinctive tone quality and the acoustic is a more transparent amp. I would seriously look at Acoustic offerings or other amps in your 180 range and look at what you could get used as well
The BA-110 is a killer amp for the price–if you want an Ampeg tone! The Acoustic amps sound good, but if you want Ampeg tone, they don’t do it. The one huge advantage of the Ampeg is its effects loop. This lets you run a bass preamp directly into the transparent power amp. Many people use a Tech 21 Ampeg SVT pedal to get SVT tones in a small footprint and at low volumes.

The Acoustic has a decent fuzzy overdrive channel which is a big plus if you’re on a tight budget. The BA series are being updated this summer and will have the overdrive circuit of the Ampeg scrambler distortion, but the new models aren’t in stores yet.