Alot of my favorite drummers are heavy jazz influenced, I guess it's the sort of randomness of the style that makes it more interesting than most. The way the fills are never usually the same, come unexpected at times... right in the middle of a smooth beat there'll be a little triplet tom hits, or a roll that etc. The use of the snare as not a steady beat, but little flares so every verse of the song you're not sure exactly where the hits will happen.. it makes the drumming become a more a part of the music, - it takes up space, not just a beat that has everything else the center of attention.

I'm not playing drums for anyone, just picking up for fun and see where it goes.. with music going through me nearly all the time, the rhythms and flow seems to come easier than I thought.. so just thought i'd try doing some serious practicing.

So for the guys who love to just improv jams and solos, just throwing in fills on top of fills and these things to make every part of every song unique and hard to replicate even for them...

What's going through your head as you play?

I know every drummer just needs to practice, and the skills will come from just jamming and a unique style will evolve, but just curious to how some drummers take the approach? Some seem to be straight stiff and pulling off crazy stuff, which seems like they're concentrating hard to get it right...... others can jam like a madman, and make it sound like everything was planned way ahead of him playing it...

Just thought i'd start this discussion since i'm playing more drums and take influence and tips from all over to apply to it!