Hello everyone, ok I need some help.... badly!

So I moved from a line6 spider IV to an Orange Dark Terror Jim Root. I am loving this amp right now.

So my current confguration is

guitar > Morley Tremonti wah > Digitech Whammy > Compressor > Dark Terror >effects loop M13 Line6 basically for delay and modulation >

But ive been thinking about a new project... but need to know if it is possible....

So I loved the crunch on this baby. And fell in love with its cleans... But I was thinking on adding a sister to my Orange Dark Terror... A Mesa Mini Rec.

I was thinking on doing this:

guitar > wah > whammy > Keeley compressor > ABY switch so

A - BOSS Flanger - BOSS Phase Shifter - BOSS Chorus - Earthquaker The Depths - Earthquaker Disaster Transport SR - Qtron > Mesa Boogie Mini >Clean Sound (but also have its own dirty pedal to access full raw together with the Orange having AB on at the same time)

B - M13 Line6 for Modulation effects > noise reduction ISP > Orange Dark Terror

Any recommendations??

I play a lot of numetal.