Hi guys!

This topic is probably not what this place is intended for but I want to share an experience with you.

Recently I met a girl. After a long string of bad decisions in my love life, I actually decided to stay platonic with her. The weird thing was that she is scarily similar to me. She is literally the only person I have met someone who I can truly be myself with.

Things are still platonic but what I want to highlight is that during the next week, I found that my mind sort of 'opened up'.

I was pretty sure that I wasn't in any kind of rut before it but suddenly I could write beautiful melodies, improvise like I had never been able to before and generally, felt more creative (Something which has always been a problem with me). And I had this amazing spaced out feeling (No I don't smoke weed).

Is this true inspiration? And has anyone else had a similar experience?
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No, I judge people based on how similar they are to me.
The greater the similarity, the more of a total ****ing **** they are.

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That's pretty ****ing cool man. Seems like this girl makes you happy.

Now I don't know about the inspiration part, but it sure could be because you're just very happy with this lady
After 5 years, my lady still provides me with plenty of inspiration to write awesome songs. It probably helps that she's a writer - so we talk about concepts in sometimes unusual ways.