Hi. I own a BOSS CS3, BOSS GE7 and a VooDoo Lab MicroVibe.
All are working good pedals with minor known issues such as
noise, could use improvement(s) in tone or output, and that
some known mods make these pedals a step better in many ways.

Modest Mike's Mods and JHS Pedals both do mods for all three pedals.
Not sure which mod service is better. Prices are close.

Please share positive results or issues experienced with
either or both Modest Mike's Mods and JHS Pedals.
Thank you.
You're stepping in some deep shit when talking JHS. JHS is a very well-hated pedal distributor umong online guitarists. Over-priced, kinda decent pedals that come with absolutely horrible customer service. Their biggest draw is that they LOOK kinda like boutique pedals, but are far from.

As far as Mike Mods go, not really sure. I'd have to do more research on it, but JHS is a sincere and very hard NO.