I own a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz bass which I dig a lot for the price I paid for it. My only issue is the inconsistent tone of the E string with the other strings which all have much better sustain and tone.
Here's a short clip I recorded -

In the first section (0:00 - 0:11), I use the E string for the first two bars and the A for the following two. In the second section (0:11 - end) I use the E string for the first two bars, the A string for the first three beats of the following bar and the E for the rest of the phrase.

These are old strings however, the issue is present even with new strings. Any ideas what could be done to improve the tone of the E string?
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What do you mean inconsistent? I can't tell from the audio what your referring to.
Things like inconsistancy with string volume, tension, etc, usually come down to correct setup.
Raising the pickups on the E string side will give you a bit more volume on the E string if that's what you're chasing but I agree that the bass is probably needs a good setup. I see from your profile you're in Melbourne, pretty nuts weather we've been having over the last few months. Guitar necks don't do too well here with all the crazy changes in temperate and humidity we go through here all the time.
Take it down to Bass Centre and get it set up with new strings.
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The audio sounded really OK for me. I had a similar problem as you described with my bass, but it appeared to be bad sets of strings. As written before, try changing the pickups height.