Hey all,

So this is my bands new video. I showed you guys the song a few months ago so maybe you'll remember it but I'm curious about your thoughts on the video.

Some of you may know that 100 years ago today, franz ferdinand was killed, setting off a long and convoluted chain of events leading to world war 1.

Since our band feels that WWI was fought for no reason except lack of communications, greed and vanity, we decided to make our song (entitled Vanity) about this.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for comment!

I firstly notice good mix with nice grit on every instrument so it doesn't sound too clean. I like how electric and acoustic guitar work together. Singers voice fits nicely in this kinda music and i hear that nice attitude in shes voice. There's much nice elements in this song what makes it easy to listen. My favorite part is 1:27-> and it fits in this World War thing. Good job!
WWI was complete madness for no good reason. My grandfather (originally from Denmark) fought in WWI and WWII for the U.S. Army, became a colonel, he knew General MacArthur in WWII. My grandfather (primarily a doctor) did not like MacArthur, the General had too big of an ego. The video was somewhat of a distraction to the song for me, so I listened again without watching the video. Audio quality is pretty good, can't put my finger on it, maybe it's the tremolo effect on the guitar that gives part of the audio a lower grade mp3 sound, maybe it's because it's on youtube, but some how the audio could be better. The song itself is excellent & everyone is playing well, and the vocals are very good! Very good melodies. This reminds me of the Donnas (a compliment), mostly because of the singer. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks for the comments! We were going for that gritty almost lo-fi approach to the sound so its not a mistake, haha. Actually our singer wanted to put even more distortion on her voice but we vetoed her, hehe. The audio mix was done by our drummer so its great to have someone who actually knows the songs do the editing.

Aaron, if you want, you can download the song for free in high definition (like FLAC) on our bandcamp here:

Then you can see if the problem was youtube or simply the sound we chose for it.

Thanks for your comments, both of you. Any other takers?
GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the video, im with you on WWI, and really, pretty much every modern war since has been for BS reasons, or caused by WWI or both. Anyways, as for the song, I think your singer has the perfect voice for this. The mix is great, i love the fact i can hear the bass. The composition is great. Love every part of this. Keep it up guys!!!
I was mesmerized by the video for a little bit, sorry. Were those WW1 era battleships? They looked like WW2 but I could be wrong.
Anyway, to the music. I like the singer's voice, solid. I like the chord progression and the unexpected chords like at 0:23 and later.
The mix sounds pretty balanced, although I think the rhythm guitars tone sounds a little thin, to me anyway.
Other than that, it's good.
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mattmakaha, thank you for your comments! We always have a bit of a hard time mixing my guitar because it needs to be loud enough for a rock band but as you can see from this song, we play a lot with the acoustic guitar... a lot of point counterpoint etc. And the bass, as in this song, is often the driving rhythm of the music.

About the battleships, the one you see capsizing is the SMS Szent Istvan of austria hungary that capsized in 1918 after getting hit by an italian torpedo.

You can see the original footage here:

I think that is the image that grips me the most. You can see the poor sailors in the water and hanging on for dear life and then the boat capsizes and all hell breaks loose... Ironically, for such compelling footage, there was remarkably little loss of life. All but 89 of her crew was rescued.

I'm not quite sure which Battleship is in the other shot at around 1.50, the one with the sailors posing in front of their superstructure.
However, by world war 2, no new battleship was being built that was still using the two cannon turret system, they had switched to three.

However, many of the old dreadnoughts and super dreadnoughts of World War one (without counting the battle cruisers, heavy cruisers, pocket battleships etc) were kept in service well into World War two. There is thus a chance that you saw very similar ships being used in the thirties and forties.

Thanks for the review and I agree, the video is mesmerising... It's our song and I edited the video but I still find myself going back to watch it once in a while because I'm drawn in by the images
Wow, great video. Music sounds really good.

Lead singer has a great voice. Music is very tight knit. Nice job.
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Much appreciated!