I was looking at Dan Auerbach's rig rundown and the tech says the following:

"The coil cable goes behind him, right to his amplifiers. Not down to the pedalboard anymore."

At 8:30; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAt70OcyTN4

I need someone to explain this to me. How can you hook up right into the amplifier and still have a pedalboard/rack on?

Edit: still have pedals on, but not in the effect loop (like fuzz)
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If you listen to his continued comments he says the guitar lead goes to the rack, not technically to the amp input jack. He has all his pedals going into a pedal switcher (box with a bunch of loops) and the main output of that feeds his amp input. If the effects are not "on" as far as engaged in a preset or whatever his signal routes through the switcher directly....very similar to having a pedal switcher on your pedal board at your feet, difference is his is racked, and likely midi controlled so he can still run some pedals at his feet if he wants.
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Ohhh right. I thought he meant literally into the amp input. I appreciate alot, thanks!