I'm not sure if this is the right forum. Anyways, i've got a question for you kind souls.

I'm a beginner guitarist who just changed strings on my squier stratocaster for the first time. Looked up online how to do it and think i did a decent job. However, after adjusting the truss rod (loosened it alot), aswell as the bridge, it does still buzz like crazy on the 1st and 2nd frets of all strings. .
It's been a day and a half now since i changed the strings and i simply can't play on those frets, as it really bothers me and the 2 thinnest strings doesn't even make any sound when i use those frets. It's those first frets only though, the rest sounds great.

What should i do? i noticed that the action is pretty low still and i know this problem should be fixed using a truss rod, but it's starting to get pretty hard to loosen it any more and i don't want to damage my guitar.
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You have the needed tools? Feeler gauges, capo, tuner, etc?

right, no i don't :p God damn truss rod, why do you do this to me. Seems like it doesn't work, cause i really can't see a difference after adjusting it alot.
Did you try adjusting the bridge? Because usually you do that before any messing with the neck.
OMG! i may just have made the noobiest mistake ever. I think i've been tightening my truss rod all along. No wonder it's not getting any better. Followed the Right tighty, lefty loosy rule while looking down at the headstock from the body.Never been so happy to make a mistake. I though my guitar was completely screwed up.
You should also make these adjustments gradually too, and let the neck 'settle' for a while. Overnight would be ideal.