Brand name might be on a sticker inside the body.
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Stumped! I have a MIJ 335 copy from that era but with a set neck and it looks and plays like a Gibson. If it plays well, it's a keeper!
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Almost positive it would have been made by Matsumoko by the neckplate. Who they ghost made it for is anyones guess.
Looks like it might be a Matsumoko. They can be branded a ton of different ways as well though, and apparently it was popular to have the unlabelled or to remove the branding? http://www.tdpri.com/forum/other-guitars-other-instruments/490027-what-sweet-old-guitar.html

I have a lawsuit era Gibson black beauty copy. There's a way you can date them from the neck plate, but I'm not sure if the method I used for mine is applicable to your guitar. For me the first 3 digits were J75, which apparently means it was built in October 1975 (J=10th letter of alphabet).

Can't find the source of that info at the moment, it was some obscure lawsuit era guitar website I had bookmarked on my old computer and has since been lost. You'll have to do a bit more research to find more specifics about your instrument.

The forum I linked you to has a post there directing someone to the Matsumoko forums, might be worth a look there.

Overall they tend to be pretty good guitars. Mine sounds great and looks awesome after I refurbished it.