My children are coming of age and I am wanting to start teaching them music without them having to go through the huge struggles of teaching yourself I have had to go through personally. I am not a good teacher so I figured I'd like to get my hands on a good curriculum that already exists rather than trying to make my own. Any Ideas? I've toyed around with Auralia & Musition but the program seems somewhat confusing and not layed out well.
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One is 8 and the other is 6 and both want to play Guitar, but I'd still like it it to be a more complete education not just learning how to read tabs and playing their favorite songs.
Hey Blindside,

While I can wholly appreciate your zeal for a well rounded education, my questions, (and I'm coming as someone that teaches potentially everything you're asking about, every day, and therefore I have direct experience....) are:

1. What do THEY want?

2. If it's about what you want, what enforcement levels do you have in place in terms of structure and oversight to see to it that they maintain their studies, no matter how little they are internally motivated to?

The answers to both of those can save you a lot of time and wasted effort. A system without a structured environment for making children learn is a lot like trying to herd cats.

Once I have those questions better understood, I may be able to make a few suggestions, I just dont want to see you, as well intentioned as you clearly are, and its commendable, wasting your time.