Ok, So im running a tele with a lil59 single coil size humbucker in the neck and a standard tele bridge coil three way switch and a push pull. Ive got all new cords into a Marshall 8100 with an 8412 cab. I bought a 2 channel 15 band Peavey EQ today and hooked it into my effects loop on channel 1. Then got the brilliant idea that since its two channel i can run chan 1 before the effects loop right after the guitar ie before the preamp. And run channel 2 in the fx loop ie after the preamp but before the power amp. But when i plug the EQ into the main input i just get i very high squeal. Its a noise ive never heard the amp make before I can get rid of it by lowering the gain the whole way but who want to do that its a Marshall. I know both channels of the EQ are good because im now running them in series to get more boost out of FX loop send into chan 1 out of 1 into chan 2 out of 2 into return FX loop i get 12Db of boost from each channel. But id really like to have and eq before and after the preamp any suggestions ???
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Probably just too much boost for the SS preamp to handle so it squealed like a pig. Try it without the EQ at all and just you>guitar> amp. I'll bet it sounds way better.

EQ is great for solving specific problems but it sounds like you were doing a science experiment and the amp protested loudly.
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yes the rig will run fine with out the eq it will run fine with the eq as long as i run it after the preamp or before the preamp but why wont it let me do both before and after the preamp which is a tube preamp by the way