Finally purchased a 7 string guitar for myself. I played this guy at guitarcenter and I really enjoyed how it felt and how it sounded. I wound up finding one on ebay for a more reasonable price so I bought it.

I put together a short video here of me testing it out through my engl powerball:


I haven't played tons of guitars, or many 7 strings for that matter, so its hard for me to really describe/compare the guitar versus others; but the body is very lightweight and sleek/thin. I really like that about the guitar. And it doesn't seem to detract from the tone in any way. It stays pretty fat, although more on the brighter side.
The pickups are dimarzio PAF7 pickups. Definitely lower output than im used to compared to my emg 81/85 in my other guitars, but they sound good to my ears. Also has a 5 position switch, which I may review in another video. I dont really see a need to swap them, aside for aesthetics.
Lastly, the neck is really smooth, fast, and easy to play. This was like the third time ive played a 7 string and I pretty much picked it right up, which I attribute to the neck being highly playable.

I would recommend this guitar if you can find it for around 500 or less. Its regular price is 800 I think. Idk if there are better 7 strings than this one for that price, but I am very pleased with it an wouldnt consider trading it.
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Sounds great, love the neck! HNGD!
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