Hi, Looking at buying a Voodoo Lab PP2+but want to know a few things.

Outputs 5 & 6 on the PP2+ deliver a 9V 250ma supply. Would this work with an Electro Harmonix Micro Pog that draws 200ma at 9V? Would the pedal simply draw the voltage it required or would pumping 250ma into it destroy it?!

Also is each output on the power supply individually isolated? I've been having a few hiss and buzz problems with a large pedalboard rig (From a cheap Maplin power supply) and was hoping the PP2+ would solve this.

Finally whatis everyones general view on the Power supply? I have read a lot of positive reviews and can see that it comes with a lot of boutique custom boards.

The 250mA outputs would suit the POG fine. As long as the mA rating is higher than the pedal's, you'll be fine. Less, and it won't work. Voltage, on the other hand, needs to be correct.

The PP2+ I believe has isolated outputs, meaning you shouldn't get any noise from it. If you still have noise issues, they're probably from some other issue with your rig.

It's rated highly by a lot of guitarists - there are probably cheaper alternatives, but you can trust the PP2+ to do the job.
Thankyou Tom. Would you recommend that I use the other 250ma socket to daisy chain effects as opposed to a 100ma socket as daisy chaining the pedals will draw more from one socket - or will it not make a difference?
I'd only suggest daisy chaining if you've run out of sockets. If you have 100ma sockets left, use them. Daisy chaining even from an isolated output runs the risk of introducing noise to your signal. Particularly digital pedals!

Saying that though, I do it. Hasn't caused me any trouble!
As Tom says, mA doesnt matter, it wont fry your pedal. So even if a power supply was chuking out 500mA and your pedal only needed 10mA it would be fine. Your pedal would only take the amount of current it needed.

Voltage on the other had, if you stick an 18v adaptor into a 9v pedal then you can kiss the pedal goodbye

What other pedals do you have btw? If you know the Voltage and mA for each one that would be helpful. I have the PP2+ so should be able to help you with this
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