Hey guys,

I'm just building a Zendrive clone from 'Poodle Pedal Parts' in the uk, and i want some help troubleshooting.

I've tried connecting it all without the switch to narrow down the mistake. Any tips on how to troubleshoot? i have tried loosening all the solder joints to re-flow them.

I have a multimeter and stuff, how do i test if i've fried a component (the diodes, trannies or caps) or if anything else has been messed up?

Thanks for your help guys!
Well it's not working, what's the problem is what i want to find out! haha

Basically, i am new to troubleshooting on a pedal build, what are things to look for/test to work out why it's not working?
Is there any noise (hum, buzz, weak signal) or is it total dead silence? Have you checked the voltage points (labeled 9v, VA, and LED+)?

Can you read a schematic?
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